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  • About Tracey and George

    Twin-Flames with a common purpose:
    To call your highest you up and your highest expression out!

    George Peter Kansas

    Creator - The Omega Mindset

    Co-Founder - Institute for Actualized Messengers

    George lives what he teaches. He almost died. Source spoke to him. He teaches what he's learned. As a single father, a cancer survivor, an author, speaker and former attorney. He knows the path and he's happy to walk with you and - man or woman - along yours.
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    Tracey Trottenberg

    Founder - Amazing Women International, Inc.
    Co-Founder - Institute for Actualized Messengers

    Tracey is a fully embodied feminine leader. She bravely leads women entrepreneurs into the deep recesses of all that holds them back. How does she know her way? She's been there! She's happy to lead because she knows the terrain.

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  • Raw, real and vulnerable...

    Sometimes, being a TwinFlame (whatever that means) isn't so wonderful. We had an argument. A friend overheard. Then she had a brilliant idea... To turn the camera on!

    Speak With Soul!

    Join us for intense, in depth, immersive training and up your game!

    Love, Authenticity & Wealth!

    Ready to unleash the flow...

    in your relationships,

    in your self awareness and expression,

    in your business?

    The Origins Discourses

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    Speak Y.O.U. Now!

    With Tracey Trottenberg

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    Speak With Soul Intensives


    George here, We’re in full preparation for our live messenger training event - Speak With Soul - next week. Of course, as of the date of this message, it’s not too late to join us for this amazing 3.5 day immersive training. (www.speakwithsoul.com) If you can’t make it, keep an eye out for...
    Tracey here, As many of you know, George and I have been sequestered here at the family sanctuary in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. Amongst George's old, old Esquire Magazines and dog-eared copies of summer reading from his college days like Siddhartha and Whitman's musings from Walden, I...
    George here, Tracey's down by the water meditating right now so I'm writing this update for you today. We're here in the Adirondacks, leading our Amazing virtual team, coaching and writing. Oh, and we're meditating. A lot! It's hard not to with the water, the breeze and the Loons. My goodness,...
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